Bulk Delivery System for Aggregate, Concrete, Asphalt and Chemical Delivery Operations
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Load Scheduling
Visual AC/4 schedules material deliveries for current and future dates...Automatically updates and purges future scheduled deliveries as they become current...Produces daily schedules to facilitate planning of truck dispatching

Management Reporting
Operations summary report prints one line per day showing totals of all activity...Audit Exception report highlights operator overrides of automatic weight capture...Daily Transaction report...Supports electronic data file transmission for central billing and processing
Customer Billing
Produces the detailed invoices your customers want...Flexible pricing based on customer, job and material matrix...Aged receivable report...Application of customer payments is quick and accurate

Hire Truck Payables
Automatically creates charge entries for hire trucks...Produces checks for hire truck payables...Hire Truck Ledger report shows charges and payments



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