Bulk Delivery System for Aggregate, Concrete, Asphalt and Chemical Delivery Operations
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On-Line scans of customers, jobs, products & charge codes speed orders and insure accuracy...Captures and retains truck tare weight and gross weight...Recalls last truck trip data for rapid processing...Adds new customers, new jobs and new materials on the fly...Break out from ticketing function to schedule orders or log truck activity, and then resume ticketing...Add wait time or miscellaneous charges after truck has left the yard

Job & Truck Tracking
On-line inquiry of deliveries to a job for today (including amount of scheduled material remaining to be delivered)...Automatically logs time and destination at load out...Event logging capability (e.g. arrival at job or breakdown)...On-line inquiry that displays all trucks and their history for the day
Pricing & Inventory Control
Visual AC/4 retains quotes for easy conversion to contract pricing...Contract and Quote reports...Automatically adjusts raw material inventories with user defined product mix percentages...Inventory Status report
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